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Before you hand over your computer or hard drives to third parties or for electronic waste recycling, you should delete the hard drives or physically destroy them.

watching videos during breaks and uploading the latest photos on social networks at home: Almost all children (98%) already have the opportunity to use the Internet at home and on the go. This is the result of the current KIM study (Children + Media, Computer + Internet) 2018.

At least from the preschool age, the offspring makes its first own steps on the Internet. From the age of about 12, almost all children (94%) use online services. One of the most popular activities (at least once a week) is searching through a search engine (65%), writing messages about messenger services (62%) and watching videos (56%). The Internet thus shaped the living environment of children and adolescents at an early age. That is why it is advisable – as with all educational topics – to deal with the topic “Secure Internet Use”.

Knowing risks, taking action

With risks and dangers for children on the Internet, most people initially associate content that is considered harmful to minors. These include online games that glorify violence or videos with pornographic representations. Special child protection programs help to protect the offspring from inappropriate content. But not everything can be regulated using technology: people can hide their true identity in forums and chat programs. Contacts that entice children to disclose their personal data such as name or address are particularly risky. Therefore, it is important to give young internet users an orientation on what can happen to them and how they should react to it.

At the same time, they are exposed to all the risks on the Internet that threaten everyone there. These include, for example, malicious programs that attack the computer and can cause great damage, such as picking passwords, encrypting data or making the computer part of a botnet. That’s why parents and their children should take early action to protect themselves. More about specific risks and protective measures

Smart devices in the school bag – but safe!

Security begins with the purchase of internet-enabled devices. Therefore parents or gift-giving relatives and friends should carefully check whether the respective devices for children can be set and protected for children. For example, ask if updates for the devices will be made available in the future – these updates are essential to basic protection because they close security holes. After purchasing, you should set up the device accordingly. An equally important aspect is that your child can make its own decisions: therefore, make them aware of the risks on the Internet and strengthen their ability to take care of themselves.

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