Who do not have access to fast Internet via DSL or LTE can also book satellite Internet access. There are advantages and disadvantages, although the technology is now practicable. We show what you need to look out for.

Unfortunately, many companies and private households in Germany still have no access to fast Internet via DSL or LTE . As an alternative, there is already the possibility to connect to the Internet via a satellite connection. This technology works (usually) quite reliably, but is also a bit more expensive at the same time.

This Must Be Considered When Connecting To The Internet Via Satellite

The most important thing to consider when connecting to the Internet via satellite is the higher cost. Including hardware and installation you can quickly get over 1.000 Euro. In addition, the slightly higher monthly costs between 30 and 60 euros.

If required, calls can also be made via the satellite connection. In this case, an additional contract usually has to be concluded with the provider, but it also costs extra. The costs of telephone contracts vary and reach in the peak up to over 30 euros / month. When telephoning also the much higher response times on the Internet must be considered. The voice quality is far inferior to that of an ISDN or VoIP connection.

Pinging to an internet address takes about 300 to 900ms via satellite. The upload and download is quite high with up to 50 Mbit / s download and 16 MB / s upload, so that especially files can be downloaded quickly. But if you need Internet applications that need a short latency, such as online games, you should not plan to use satellite internet. For this purpose, such compounds are not designed with their high lateness.

Connection quality with a satellite connection. So heavy rain or heavy snowfall can sometimes lead to temporary failure of the connection. Again, this aspect should be considered before deciding on the satellite internet. However, since the connection via satellite is considered in the first place only when all other options fail, concrete considerations are often unnecessary from the outset.


The configuration of the satellite hardware is a bit more complicated than the surface of a Fritz! Box or another DSL router . This is because often multiple devices are necessary. This requires the configuration of the IP settings, which is not always easy. In addition comes the Sat-Router, to which also possible telephones are attached.

This Is How The Internet Connection Works Via Satellite

To connect to the Internet via satellite, you need a special satellite dish – and thus a clear view of the corresponding satellite. Many providers, offer a card that indicates whether a connection is even possible.

So for the connection, you first need an independent dish, which can generally also be used to receive TV programs. However, the connection of the Internet via another cable. In this case, two cables must be laid from the satellite dish to the router and the satellite receiver. The general assembly can be done by experienced DIY enthusiasts themselves. However, the perfect alignment of the satellite dish with the Internet connection plays a particularly important role. A not optimally aligned satellite dish results in a worse connection.

The connection to the internal network is made via a cable that is put from the satellite dish to the router of the operator. From here, a normal connection can be made via WLAN or LAN . An upload or the production of the return channel via a telephone line, as it was often necessary in the past, there is no longer. Complete communication to and from the internet satellite is via the satellite dish.

In the final stage, a cable is laid from the satellite dish to the satellite modem. The satellite modem connects to the rest of the network via a LAN cable – this also applies to the additional wireless router . This too will be connected to the network. It is important to know the IP addresses over which the two devices are available in the network. If there are no other network hardware apart from the two Sat devices, PCs and other devices in the network can also be connected directly to the LAN ports of the modem and the satellite router. In most cases, both devices provide sufficient connections for 3-6 devices.

Installation of satellite internet

For the installation of the hardware a little manual skill is necessary. Alternatively, the providers also offer partner companies that mount the hardware on the roof. The prices are fast but at over 1,000 euros. In addition comes the monthly rent for the hardware, or the purchase price. For the commissioning so quite quickly high costs are due. In addition, the monthly costs of about 30-60 euros, as in conventional Internet connections also.

Once the hardware is mounted on the roof and the cables are connected to the satellite router and the modem, it goes to the establishment of the environment. Although the providers help with wizards, the setup is much more complicated than the configuration with the connection to DSL. Mostly a modem and a router are installed in the network. Both are connected via LAN to their own network, or provide Wi-Fi access. Again, the decor is a bit more complicated.

Sat Internet in practice

It is easy to notice that the Internet connection via satellite is not yet very widespread for end customers. The user guidance is correspondingly inconsistent and confusing. Thus, due to the use of multiple terminals (satellite modem and satellite router), there are also several web interfaces, mostly in English. Many settings are specified by the provider, and it is advisable not to change them – or at least to document the changes. The surfaces provide a comprehensive overview and provide many setting options.

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