Question of the trends of tomorrow is catching on with the digital agendas of many companies. Which technologies will be relevant? Which challenges will you encounter? How can one reach customers even better and what is the ideal relationship with them?

These questions and many other topics that move ambitious companies are the focus of this year’s Internet World Congress 2019 on 23 and 24 October in the IHK headquarters in Munich.

Internet World Congress 2019: Knowing the Trends of the Future

At the end of October, experienced speakers in the heart of Munich will be discussing trends, strategies and best practices in the Internet age that are shaping the path to a digital future. Cross-border commerce and customer experience , as well as the promising launch of your products in China , then you are in the right place at the Internet World Congress 2019. In addition, the professionals assess current phenomena such as dynamic pricing and virtual reality in retail, and show the best practices in many examples of the economy.

But exciting lectures are not everything! The congress also offers plenty of opportunities for networking: there are plenty of conversation partners and topics. What experiences you take, share and use for your personal success is up to you.

Internet World Congress 2019: Learn from the best

Once again, excellent speakers will be present at the Internet World Congress: Gina Hardeback and Dr. med. Wolfgang Hildesheim.

Gina Hardeback is a China expert and built one of the first German communication agencies in Beijing in 2010. Story maker and cares deeply about marketing and sales in Chinese territory. At the World World Congress, she shows how you, too, are gaining customers in China for your products, what the relationship with Chinese customers is all about, and what absolute no-gos you can do to ruin these precious relationships in the blink of an eye.

Dr. Wolfgang Hildesheim is head of IBM Watson and AI Innovation for the DACH area. Previously, he worked and researched at CERN near Geneva and DESY in Hamburg. Through his work at IBM Watson, he brings with him a wealth of artificial intelligence expertise and shows us how chat bots facilitate customer contact and where their limitations lie.


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