What would be the secure setup of your computer or mobile device if, for example, the browser has security vulnerabilities, which is the interface between you and the Internet. Familiarizing yourself with the configuration of the browser is also advisable, as well as quickly updating this and other programs when security updates – so-called patches appear.

The BSI can not make recommendations about which programs you should use. But because there are always questions about the security of open source software , which is also called Free Software , we have compiled a list with answers to the most important questions for you .

Protection programs such as a firewall or browser extensions, however do not belong to the safe installation of software and therefore have

protection programs

Among other things, this includes installing protection programs such as virus protection programs or a personal firewall on your computer. Observe the following notes when using such programs:

  • Free products often offer only limited functionalities. Find out about the different features of free and paid programs and weigh up whether a purchase is worthwhile for you.
  • Download Programs principle of the manufacturer websites down. Just so you can be sure that the installed program is up to date.
  • Make sure that there are security updates for the programs you have installed and run them regularly. Keep all programs up to date.

You can create a checksum for downloading files and those with the creator – even if they come from reputable sources – Compare made available. This allows you to go out in the downloaded file or application relatively safe assumption that it was not changed.

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